Desks, sofas, and conference tables oh my. TechSprout has all your business workspace needs. 


At the core of coworking philosophy is a hearty appreciation for the miracle that is coffee. 

Internet access

Stay connected with all your devices. Our space is equipped with best in class internet access so your business doesn't miss a beat. 

awesome discounts

We're building relationships with fellow downtown businesses to promote local businesses. 

meeting space

Between a conference room for those extra professional meetings and a flexible office layout for off-site training, what more could you need?

marketing partners

Need help getting the word about your business or next promotion out there? TechSprout partners with the Central Valley's elite marketers to get you noticed. 

part time

$99 - $134 per month
  • The best when starting your business! Up to 20 hours per week during business hours. Are you a night owl? Prefer weekends? $134 per month gets you night and weekend access!

Full time

$199 per month
  • Best for the business that's established and needs more hours! Dedicated desk and full 24/7 access to the office.

Private & Shared Offices

$149 - $399 per month
  • Need a little more privacy? On the phone a lot? The private office is your choice. Part time and Full time rates available, starting at $149 up to $399 for an office of 2 people.

Daily Rentals

$25-45 per day
  • Use one of our private offices for the day - or just any open desk! Whatever suits your needs, we are here to accommodate!

distracted at home?

from kids to pets to boredom eating, working from home can get distracting quickly. take a break from that chaos, visit us here, and triple your productivity.

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tired of working alone?

the entrepreneurial journey is a lonely path. with coworking it doesn't have to be quite so much. our members support and encourage each other to push on when the path gets steep.

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coworking is a style for your business and your life. it's a positive and uplifting experience reinforced by personal and professional development. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coworking?

Think of an office with no walls. No cubicles. No offices. No doors. Everyone works in the open, much like you would in Starbucks - except quieter - and the coffee is free! You can chat with fellow business owners, collaborate on ideas and projects, and help solve challenges we all face as small business owners.

What should I bring to work?

Your laptop and a smile! We provide everything else you would need. Power supplies, a desk, couch or lounge chair, white boards, monitors, super-fast internet. Need something? Ask Marta, our Community Manager, in Suite 202!

I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?

Always adhere to the golden rule....if you think it might be a problem, it just might be. Personal conversations especially are not something others might want to hear. So, if you're on the phone, consider stepping into the hallway or an available office or the conference room. Or close the door to your office. But sometimes, we all take calls in the open. Is someone talking on the phone too much? Use some earphones and play your favorite Pandora music to counter the noise. Or just ask your coworker to next time, try to take their conversation privately.

Can I use TechSprout for my business address?

Absolutely! You want to look big, and our address makes you look big! Mail is checked daily and we receive deliveries too. Need us to notify you when you have mail or deliveries? Ask Marta in Suite 202 to add you to her notification list!

Should I wait until the first to join?

Not at all. You can join at any time. We will prorate your rent for the remainder of the month, and full rent will be due on the 1st of the next month. You can also sign up as a member and set your start date to the 1st of the next month, if after the 15th of the current month.

Can I host an event or party at the office?

Certainly! Just make sure the space you want to use is available. Also, make sure you return the office to the same clean state you found it in. Need to move furniture around to make space? No problem.....just remember to replace it when done. 

What is the policy on alcohol and drugs?

TechSprout is a professional office environment, that can be used at any time of day by a business. Therefore, while we respect your right to choose, please do this elsewhere. TechSprout has a Zero Tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use, unless approved by management. Violators are subject to termination without warning. This policy also applies to your visitors. Anyone deemed intoxicated or under the influence will be asked to leave the premises. If necessary (we hope not), local law enforcement will be notified.

What People Are Saying

TechSprout has been my home for the last 5 years, and there is nothing that can beat the coworking experience, especially for new start-ups. The community, networking, and collaboration every day are unbeatable anywhere else. Definitely give coworking a try - and for telecommuters, come here to gain hours in your day back!  -- Brian Schilling, Zero BS Marketing

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