Coworking: Teamwork For Small Businesses

You have started your small business in a really nice, fancy office, with a door. You pay $800 a month for a window with a view of the dentists office and bank.   If you wanted an office without that wonderful view, you could pay $600 per month, but, hell, you are going to be…

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Tired Of Working Alone?

At TechSprout you work with others who can help your business succeed. You are not going to get tired of working alone at TechSprout. Tired of Working Alone?  Try Coworking. Like Starbucks, we offer a relaxing, cool (literally and figuratively), atmosphere where you can network with other people. Come in, grab a seat or sofa space, pour…

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Distracted At Home?

Be more productive at TechSprout, work in an office, close to home, but without being distracted at home. Working at home has it’s advantages, especially if you have to commute long distances for work.  But, there is also the danger of being distracted at home:  the family, the lawn, the laundry, the dog, the cat,…

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