About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!


Our Story

Brian entered the coworking world back in 2011, realizing his need to telecommute while growing his marketing business, Zero BS Marketing. Brian quickly embraced the principles of coworking, and built his business around the tenets of the business accelerator model that coworking offers fledgling small business owners.

In April of 2014, Brian left coworking to grow into a bigger office, and continued the growth of his marketing business, while taking on new ventures on the side: real estate investing with Zero BS Home Buyers, Social-Local Media Connections with the Tracy Connection (formerly Tracy Island Online), and pursuing his passion for coaching young kids in baseball through the Junior Giants program, starting a non-profit called the Tracy Youth Sports Foundation.

In December of 2014, Brian heard AltamontCowork would be closing its doors, and reached out to the Founder, Mike Pihlman, to take over the office and continue its growth and mission into 2015 and beyond. Knowing his time had come to move on, Mike accepted Brian’s offer.